Last time here on the blog, we talked about how much better our Vegas outcall girls are when it comes to the way most people have been taught from childhood about dating. Our Vegas escorts are a cut above the types of women you’ll encounter trying to date the normal, old-fashioned way. The problem is that some people, in trying to break out of this paradigm, will inevitably go for what they think is the new way of dating, the modern way. This new, modern way is anything but. It is presented to be a change for the better, but it really just perpetuates the same old system. That new, modern way that is really just the old, same old, same old, is Internet dating. Internet dating was supposed to make it easier for lonely hearts to make connections they might never make otherwise, but the reality is, it doesn’t really a do a man any favors. What it does do is make it easier for desperate and even ugly women to find people who are willing to be with them and, while we’re not opposed to everyone finding happiness, we do believe that our clients deserve better. That’s why we maintain such a high standard here for our Vegas escorts. We expect our girls to be a lot better than average, which means “good enough” is never good enough.

But let’s say you’ve decided to try Internet dating. There sure are plenty of people who think this might be the way for them to make a connection and enjoy romance in their lives. So if you do choose to go with Internet dating, there are some things you need to know. Specifically, you need to understand that it’s still an inferior way of making a romantic connection. It starts with the money. You may think that Internet dating is perfectly free. You just have to sign up for the site or download the app on your phone, right? Well, that may be how they get you to sign up… but you’ll quickly find out that there are fees you are expected to pay that are hidden. Dating overall, in fact, has a lot of hidden costs, some of which we discussed in the last blog post, like the money you pay in cover charges, drinks, dinners, and entertainment to take out a girl and “woo” her. Women expect you to pay and they’ll consider you cheap (and therefore not the man they want) if you don’t… but they are not in any way obligated to stay with you even if you waste a bunch of money on them. Women can at any time, on any whim, walk away from the process, leaving you high and dry.

The same is true of Internet dating. You first have to pay for memberships to the various sites. You can’t get by with a free account. Free accounts are seen as cheap and you won’t be able to access your messages or contact all other members if you have a free account. These are some of the ways Internet dating sites keep you paying for your monthly membership. Once you sign up, now you have a lot of work ahead of you, too. You’ve got to fill out your profile in very great detail, and you’ve got to upload photos that are both candid enough to be honest but good looking enough to get you noticed. You have to compose message after message, and in a lot of ways, these are like the cover letters to job applications. You’re hoping to get your message noticed in the flood of other messages that women on dating sites get flooded with. Oh, were you not aware of that? Dating sites online are sausage fests. That means the women are outnumbered by the men by a large margin. So your message has to fight for attention with countless other messages that women get on these online dating sites. They will miss your message part of the time and ignore it the rest of the time. This means that most of the time you spend on Internet dating will be completely wasted. You’ll send messages and you will never get replies. This is not just sad; it is also a waste of your time and effort.

If you do finally get the attention of a woman, you’re going to have to resign yourself to the fact that she won’t be very attractive. Most women have no trouble finding men to date them. Most women are in high demand and that is why women very rarely stay single for large periods of time. So the women you see on these sites will be the real desperate dregs, the ones who are so ugly or so weird or so undesirable that they can’t get any action any other way. And you would be amazed at the attitudes these homely women have! It’s like being in the twilight zone. But even if you do find a reasonably attractive woman to talk to on an online dating site, that’s probably all you’ll ever do. You’ll trade pointless message after pointless message and you’ll engage in hours worth of small talk only to maybe eventually get a date. That’s unlikely though. Most women will never take the plunge and meet you in person. And if they do, there’s no guarantee the date won’t be a nightmare.

There you have it. Online dating is a disaster waiting to happen. It’s not an improvement over the old way of doing things. It’s really no better at all. And don’t you deserve better? We think you do. We think you deserve a much better option than this. You deserve a way to date and meet women without strings, without hassles, and with a high quality guarantee. That is our Vegas escorts. Book our Vegas outcall girls and finally free yourself from the tyranny of the way dating used to be done. You should really contact us today.