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A trained yoga instructor who exercises without fail each morning, Sonja uses it to keep her body in peak condition as well as to rid herself of stress so that she can be her very best with her clients. She always puts the man she is with first as their happiness and pleasure is of great importance to Sonja.

Even though Sonja focuses on keeping her body in top shape does not mean that she is not up for a party or two. In fact, this escort enjoys going out on the town as much as the next girl. She loves to have a drink to loosen up before she hits the dance floor to shimmy and shake all night long. When Sonja gets going on the dance floor, you never know what will happen or who will join in with her. She is often described as the life of the party as she strives to have a good time no matter what she is doing.


Sonja has a sensual side and she’s always happy to get in touch with it. “Who are you? You have to know the answer to that question,” she says. “I’m very open about it. If there is any fantasy you want, if there is any experience you’ve always wanted to have, if there is something you’d like to try in or out of the bedroom, you should do it. There is no reason not to. Whatever is holding you back right now, whether it’s fear or inhibitions or something else, you should work on discarding that. If you are having trouble acknowledging your inner desires, then try to overcome that. Once you can embrace the things that make you tick, and once you are in touch with your own inner desires, you can truly please yourself. And the dirty little secret is that it’s very hard to please another person if you are not also very happy with you and your place in life. In other words, if you take the time to please yourself, to fulfill your own needs and desires, you will be better able to do that for someone else.”

Sonja is a big believer in achieving connections with other people. “The most powerful thing in the world is the spark between two people who are into each other,” she says. “It’s wonderful to be able to establish that connection. It’s thrilling to be able to build on that and take it to some other level, some next level. So much of our lives is spent wasting time. If we would all focus more on finding each other, being kind to each other, and making those connections, we would all be much happier as people. Everyone deserves to get in touch with their softer sides, I think.”