A self proclaimed creative type Faith is also an artist although this is a pursuit that she mostly only takes part in during her limited free time. Trained as an artist Faith loves to paint and draw. During her college days at her exclusive art college in another state.

In every group of women, you will have one or two who are just a bit edgier than all the rest and this describes Faith. With her feminine curves, full red lips and long lustrous dark hair, Faith is the type of lady who brings a hush over the room when she walks in the door. She is used to getting attention and she loves to give it as much as she gets it. Faith simply loves going out. Every chance she can, you will find her out enjoying the newest and trendiest bars and restaurants as well as the local music scene.

Faith was a favorite model who was often used by the instructors when it came to drawing and painting the nude human form. Faith loved doing this type of work since it gave her the chance to earn a little spending money as a poor college student and also fed her desire to show off her perfectly proportioned body.

Upon graduation, Faith quickly realized that she could not make a very viable living as an artist. She moved back home to Las Vegas and decided to pursue other more successful career paths. A friend of hers from high recommended that Faith take a look at the escort business. This friend knew how much Faith loved to show off her perfect body and thought it would be a great way for her to give men what they desire while also have a lot of fun herself while doing it.

After only a short time, Faith is hugely successful here at Outcall Vegas. She is one of our most requested escorts because she has a way of offering men the entire package that they love. As if her smoking hot body was not enough, Faith also has an engaging personality that makes her positively sparkle with happiness and fun. Although her body is what you first notice about this sexy babe, it is her personality that really seals the deal when it comes to offering you a good time. Patient, innovative and adventurous, you will be hard pressed to find an escort who offers you everything that Faith does in one complete woman.

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Faith likes to stay in touch with green, growing things and Mother Earth whenever she can, although there’s a lot of desert to go around in the Las Vegas area. “Even a potted plant, even a cactus, can help you center yourself,” she says. “People today live so separated from the planet. They live in towers of glass and steel. Concrete and asphalt have been paved over everything. We’ve gotten to the point where if you see so much as an ant in your kitchen you freak out. How sanitized a life do you have to leave to never see so much as a stray insect? When did we come to take for granted the fact that we could completely control our climate and purge everything in our lives that doesn’t exactly match the way we want to live? People used to be a lot more in touch with what was out there in the world. They used to live a lot more naturally. That’s why I like to get back to nature when I can. I find it extremely soothing.”

People who don’t take the time to get in touch with themselves, Faith points out, slowly unravel. “Everybody has the need for that reset. We’ve all got to stay grounded. It’s very important. I think that’s the reason that I need to get away, periodically, and just leave the rest of the world behind me. If more of us took the time to get those little breaks from the daily grind, from the fast pace of the world, maybe everybody would be a lot less stressed out. I think I am doing a good thing if I can encourage at least one person to think that way, at least once in their lives. I think that’s enough to start.”