Gretta is an escort who was born and raised in Las Vegas. She has a special affection for her bright and beautiful hometown and would never leave it on a permanent basis. That being said, Gretta is well traveled and has been to numerous states as well as a few foreign countries. It was as the result of these travels that Gretta realized that she does not want to ever leave Las Vegas.

Her sense of adventure and desire to learn and experience new things means that Gretta is always a willing and enthusiastic partner no matter what you have in mind. A bonus that comes with her when you choose Gretta as your escort is that she is bisexual. She loves to be partnered with any of our other gorgeous escorts and relishes those times when she can explore a beautiful female body while also providing a sensual experience with a man. Give Gretta a call today before someone else does.

She loves the bright lights and the variety of people that come to the city to visit. She especially likes it because she can hit the casinos whenever she wants to. Gretta enjoys meeting the men who come to Las Vegas on business or to gamble at the city’s many casinos. Being an escort allows her to do what she loves best: see her beautiful city and make a man very happy.

Although Gretta is quite young, she has a great deal of enthusiasm and this adds to her extraordinary appeal. She loves to embark on adventures which is what she did as part of a traveling ballet company. She traveled throughout the United States and the world and was able to combine her love of dance with her love of adventure.

A knee injury ended her dancing career but Gretta still takes classes in an effort to stay nimble and in shape. Due to her years of training and dancing, Gretta is highly flexible physically and can twist her body in unbelievably sexy ways to suit her – and your – needs. If you want a demonstration of her superior flexibility, simply ask Gretta as she is not shy at all about sharing her many talents with the men that hire her as an escort in Las Vegas.


Sexy Gretta is a wild child, and she likes to indulge herself. “If you don’t give yourself a chance to let off some steam once in awhile,” she says, “then all that stress, all that negativity, it’s just going to build up inside you. Once it does you’ll have a hard time getting it to go away. It’s almost like it sticks to the walls of your brain on the inside. It’s a residue, a gunk, a film of negativity. The more you hold your feelings in, the more you control yourself, the worse that buildup gets. And if you don’t do something about it, sooner or later, the pressure gets so bad that you just explode when you can’t help it. That ends up usually hurting you more than anything. So it’s very necessary to let off some steam and treat yourself right once in awhile. If you don’t you’ll regret it. That’s just a fact of how life works.”

Gretta is very proud of her body. “No matter what I’m doing,” she says, “I like to sweat. I like to just feel the machine that is my body being put through its paces. There’s nothing that won’t get me moving if given half the chance. The experience of exertion, the just plain fun of using my body to do things… I couldn’t ask for anything better no matter what my circumstances. I love to put this beautiful body through its paces, and I know there are a lot of guys who are thinking they might enjoy a chance to do the same thing. That’s why I love being a Las Vegas escort so much. It’s a chance to indulge my sensuality. That is really very important to me. I want to indulge my sensuality every day.”