Even though she has that sweet and innocent look about her, Hannah actually hides a well developed kinky side. She loves to explore new ideas and techniques that expand her repertoire of tricks and tips when it comes to making men feel pleasure. Whatever the men that hire her as an escort want, Hannah is willing to try at least once.

Hannah has that sweet little sister of your best friend look going on. With her luscious and creamy breasts, curvy bottom and long tanned legs, she makes great eye candy that is equally well-suited to the hottest nightclub in town as she is to your favorite Las Vegas restaurant. Bubbly and with a sultry laugh, Hannah knows how to have a good time in any setting, casual or formal. Give Hannah a call today before someone else does.

An avid risk taker, Hannah likes to live life on the wild side. From partying until the wee hours of the morning to closing down the casinos, Hannah lives fast and hard making her the ideal escort if you want a woman who is as fearless as she is beautiful.

Beautiful enough to be a model, Hannah found that the model’s lifestyle simply did not suit her so she abandoned that career path. She has tried a number of different careers since then but none seem to keep her interest for very long. A restless person who is easily bored, Hannah has found that being an escort gives her a measure of freedom and adventure that make it an ideal career choice for her.

She is quite gifted when it comes to using her fingers to give men the type of pleasure they love best. Hannah is one of our most popular escorts here at Outcall Vegas and she is requested many times by eager men who want to enjoy her companionship. This is one escort that often has a booked schedule so if you want to hire Hannah, you should try to do so in advance. That being said, Hannah makes special exceptions for her returning clients as she builds relationships with them that allow the two of them to reach new heights of ecstasy each time they are together.


Hannah loves attention, and she loves the fact that her sexy body gets her noticed. “I wouldn’t want to do this anywhere else,” she says. “Sexy women abound in this town. I’m talking about all the women and even the men here. People come from all over the world to see if they can get lucky here. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a half a dozen blonde stunners. So it isn’t enough to just be attractive when you want to become a successful Las Vegas escort. You’ve also go to bring to this job the right attitude and the right skills. Every man who books a Las Vegas escort wants someone who is very attractive, and he’s going to get that. But he wants other qualities, too. Every man wants to get down and enjoy himself.”

Hannah continues, “I think the skills that a good escort has to have include leadership, imagination, and stamina. You’ve got to have leadership because you’ve got to have the ability to take charge if things start to go off track, and fix them so that your client enjoys his booking even though there are things that are happening beyond anyone’s control. You’ve got to have imagination because you’ve got to have fun while also solving problems. And you’ve got to have stamina because this party lifestyle will make short work of you if you don’t. It will grind you down. This isn’t a job that every girl can do. It isn’t enough to be attractive and fun. You have to be able to keep your energy levels up and stay friendly too. Partying all the time will grind you down if you let it. But I never let it. I’m always looking to have a good time and I embrace that.”