If you like your women to be blonde with huge tits and a shapely ass, Bethany has you covered. When you factor in her sensual eyes and long red tipped fingernails, the pleasure of Bethany just never stops. Raised as a California farm girl, Bethany longed to visit the city when she was small. She never did visit a really large city until she became an adult. In choosing Las Vegas to put down roots, she is definitely making up for lost time.

At only five feet two inches tall, Bethany packs a lot of sex appeal in a small package. With her captivating blue eyes, long blonde hair and curvy body, Bethany also boasts a fantastic personality. She loves to stay in your hotel room and devote all her attention to that special man as much as she loves to party hard. This little dynamo is a powerhouse of energy that makes her a very popular escort. She definitely loves to use her enjoy body to make each time with a man a one-of-a-kind experience. An avid practitioner of yoga, Bethany works out regularly so that she is continuously improving her flexibility and stamina.

Bethany is fairly new to the Sin City and as an escort she is getting to know all the best party stops. Dance clubs, pubs and nightclubs are her current favorite places to feed her inner party girl. Even though she is still relatively new to the area, Bethany is racking up an impressive list of top notch places to go to for drinks and dancing.

If dinner and drinks are more your style, Bethany has you covered with that too. She has made friends with the staff at all of the swankiest places in the city. For this reason, she is able to get top notch seating and treatment no matter where you might decide to go.

One of the major draws for Bethany when she decided to move to Las Vegas – as it seems to be for nearly everyone – are the casinos. Being able to pop over to the casino of her choice to play a few of her favorite games or find some new favorites makes Bethany pretty happy. She loves to accompany you to your favorite casino and cheer you on as you gamble. If you should lose, then beautiful Bethany is right there ready and waiting to console you.


Bethany is a naughty young girl. She believes that everyone has fantasies. “We live in a weird world where we’re all thinking about sex, love, and companionship all the time,” she says, “but none of us are allowed to admit it. If we do, we’re accused of being sluts, or sex addicts, or something. But everybody wants love. Everybody wants to be with someone attractive. And every single person has naughty fantasies, things that they think that they keep private from almost everybody else in the world. If they reveal their fantasies to anyone, they reveal them to their significant others, and this doesn’t always work out well for them. I can’t imagine rejecting my lover’s most intimate fantasies, or what that would do to him, but there are actually women out there who have no problem doing just that. Those women shouldn’t be surprised when they can’t hold on to their man, because if you deny a man his fantasies, you are denying him. You are saying he isn’t worth your indulgence. I think that’s just horrible and I would never treat a man that way.”

Sexy young Bethany also thinks that the way to truly show someone you care about them is to give them whatever they ask for. “A man you take care of, a man who gets whatever he wants and needs, becomes a slave to you of his own free will. He’ll do anything for you out of gratitude for how nice you are to him. Most women don’t realize how much incredible power they wield over men. They think they have to be super-critical shrews. They don’t. They just have to treat their men right and they’ll get anything they want in return. It’s just really that simple. You’ve got to do it right.”