Luscious Candy is as sweet as she is delicious. She loves to use her long and slender fingers to find all your sensitive spots so that you are moaning and begging for more in just a few minutes. Because Candy is a bisexual, she is popular as an escort. She is very willing to help make your lifelong fantasy of having to gorgeous babes hanging off your arm a reality.

Candy’s sweet, young body is overflowing in luscious curves that await your explorations. Ripe for the picking, Candy’s hot body is matched only by her sensual and mesmerizing eyes. A deep and dark smoldering that signals the passion that lies just under the surface, her eyes will hook you and keep your attention for hours. Highly adventurous, both in and out of bed, Candy simply loves pleasing men. She uses her luscious and taut body to bring you pleasure as you have never experienced it before. She also loves to learn new things and is eager to be shown exactly how to please the man she is with.

Candy loves to be chosen as the escort for those men who have never hired one before. She is super patient with them and has lots of guidance and tools to help them feel comfortable. Helping these novice men open up about their expectations as well as their fantasies helps Candy to customize the experience to meet their expectations. No matter how nervous a man is when he hires Candy and first meets her, by the end of their time together he is relaxed and happier than he has ever been in his entire life.

Candy grew up in a small town not far from Las Vegas and often spent time there with friends. From hanging out at the mall to going to see the latest flicks, Las Vegas was where Candy went to have fun. It is only natural that she returned to her home away from home once she turned 18. With her large network of friends, Candy soon heard about the possibility of netting a plum job as an escort here with us.

While she was quite young when she first started, Candy took to being an escort like a fish takes to water. Since she is a born pleased, she has the perfect type of personality that puts men and their needs first. Candy is ecstatic that she can come to work every day and know that she is going to make some men very happy people indeed.

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“I just adore pleasing men,” she says. “There are a lot of women in the world who just don’t seem to get how that sort of thing is supposed to work. They think they’re doing men a favor by being with them. They think that every guy should bend down and worship them when they go past. Sure, if you have a good enough body, and your personality is okay, you can wrap a lot of guys around your finger. But that sort of thing only works for so long. You can’t sustain that attitude. Eventually, guys get sick of it. They start to get wandering eyes. They look around and think that maybe they can do better. Ladies, when your man gets to that point, you’ve pretty much lost him, and you might as well give up on things. Start over, because he’s already figured out you aren’t worth the trouble.”

She continues, “It’s a lot easier to hold on to what you’ve got when you already have it. The way I hold on to a man is pretty simple. I know that to keep him interested, and to keep him happy, I’ve got to see to his needs. Guys are simple. When you treat them nice, they’ll be as everything you need them to be, and they’ll be happy to do it. Whenever I meet a man, whenever I get the chance to get to know somebody knew, the first thing I do is figure out how to please him and take care of him. That’s what I’ve got to do to keep him in good spirits. It’s worth doing, because it’s a heck of alot easier to keep him feeling right the first time than it is to try and fix things after they go wrong.”