Ashley is the kind of Las Vegas escort that keeps a man on his toes. You never know what to expect when you book some time with her. She might be in one of her more demure and playful moods that have her wanting to lounge around in your hotel bed for hours on end. Or she might be in the mood to get wild and hit the town to go bar hopping and dancing long into the night before the two of you collapse into each other’s arms.

Ashley’s porcelain skin and luscious blonde waves give her a delicate look that can be deceiving. Though she looks very delicate and exudes polish, class and charm, buried just beneath the surface, Ashley embraces naughty behavior of all types and flavors. She has awesome massage skills that she loves to use to help her man reverberate with pleasure all the way down to his toes. Ashley is a busy woman, so its always best to call in advance for her.

Of course Ashley will follow your lead if you already know what you have in mind for your time together. If you do not though or you want to leave the planning to someone else, Ashley loves to map out the perfect night while taking your unique needs and desires into account. It does not matter if you want to have an intimate night with just the two of you or you want to party through the town, Ashley has you covered – in more ways than one!

Ashley grew up on Las Vegas and is very familiar with all of the sights and sounds of the city. She is comfortable in the classy five star restaurant as she is in the most laid back sports bar and everything in between. Her versatility makes this escort a good choice if you like to have a variety of experiences where you have a beautiful woman on your arm.

With her long dark hair and movie star looks, Ashley is a hugely popular escort here at Outcall Escorts. Her schedule tends to become booked up rather quickly so we would recommend that you not hesitate if you want to enjoy the many and varied talents of this Las Vegas escort.


Ashley likes to think of herself as an exotic dancer and has the same spirit. She likes to get attention is always happy when she has the attention of every man in the room. “I like to show off,” she explains. “I like to know that I have the power that comes from showing people who I can be with my body. All the world’s a stage, and when you’re on that stage, anyone in that room is focused on you. That’s the power that sexy women have. That’s the draw that we are capable of having on the people around us. We are all of us, sexy women, royalty of sorts. I know some of the diva rock stars like to play at being that powerful, but every sexy woman truly does have access to that kind of power and influence. Every man wants us and every woman wants to be us. To be sexy is to be the most incredible thing in the world, the most incredible person. It is to have limitless opportunities.”

Ashley loves getting to know new people, and when she meets with a new client, this is a great opportunity for her. “I’m a people person, and that’s great for me,” she says. “All of our clients are men who deserve to be shown a good time. Taking them out and doing that with them, that’s the best way I can think of to help them. I love helping people, and I love knowing that when I do my job well, I’m improving the lives of my clients. I’m making them happy and more confident as men. That’s very special to me. It really is, for me. I love to help the people around me make new memories that will last a lifetime.”