With her long dark hair and large dark eyes, Carlene definitely has the coveted Asian look that so many men find exciting. She enjoys taking that attention to a new level as she seeks to build her arsenal of tricks and techniques that she can use to making men writhe in pleasure. An escort with a kinky side, Carlene is a popular way for many men – young and old – to add enjoyment and companionship to their lonely nights while they are out of town.

Carlene has lots of curves in all the right places. Her smooth soft skin and long dark hair make it easy to enjoy her company. This girl has a personality that just won’t stop. As a long time escort, Carlene enjoys refining her technique with each client she takes on. Carlene also definitely dresses for her body shape and tends to pick curve-hugging dresses that show off her long and tanned legs as well as her large breasts. Open to new adventures and experiences, Carlene loves to make a man feel like a real man. At 25 years old, there is much that Carlene still must learn and she needs a willing teacher like you.

A native of the east coast, Carlene took a wild road trip with a friend during her college break and wound up in Las Vegas. Though her friend returned to college – and the east coast – Carlene decided to stay due to the many attributes that Sin City has to offer a young lady.

Carlene loves being an escort because it gives her the chance to make a difference in the lives of so many men. She is bisexual so the escort relishes the chance to be part of an evening that features lots of sexy fun with a man and a woman. She is the perfect escort to go off on an adventure with you and another hot babe.

Even though Carlene is young, she does have some tricks tucked up her sleeve that she likes to pull out when she needs to stir up the action and adventure. Carlene loves new and different experiences and is willing to try nearly anything once, especially if it will make the man she is with happy. This escort is eagerly awaiting your call so that she can help you reach the pinnacle of pleasure that you have been seeking all your life. She is also willing to help you realize any other fantasies that you might have but have not been able to experience yet. Simply give her a call to discuss the endless possibilities that open up because of Carlene.


Carlene always gives her absolute best to her job. She believes that it is this work ethic that will propel her toward all of her dreams in life. “I’m not afraid of hard work,” she says. “People have told me that I’m a workaholic before, and to that I say, no way. I’m just a perfectionist. You will always be judged by how you do your job, how you present yourself, and how you put forth effort. I believe in always putting forth maximum effort so that the people around me will be impressed by who I am. It isn’t enough to just do enough. You’ve got to give so much of yourself that people stand up and take notice. They’ve got to be surprised, even shocked. They’ve got to remember you. When you give of yourself, you want to make an impression.”

Of course, lovely Carlene is used to turning heads and getting that attention from men. From the time she turned of age, she has been the sort of girl whose body makes men follow her with their eyes. She is very accustomed to being the kind of girl who can get whatever she wants, but who often gets a lot of attention whether she wants it or not. “That attention is a blessing and a curse,” she says. “It’s impossible for me to keep a low profile when I’m dressed to the nines. People always respond to my body. I’m proud of that, and I’m proud of who I am, but the fact is, you can’t turn it off. I don’t suppose I would want to, but when you look like this, you are a sexy girl all the time, and there is no getting around it. I’m just that kind of flirty girl at all times.”