Tami’s long blonde wavy hair is offset by her deeply tanned body making her look like the California girl she is. Growing up on the sunny Pacific coast, Tami was a frequent visitor to the beach. She loved going surfing and laying out on the beach with her friends as she was growing up. By the time she graduated from high school though Tami was ready for a change of pace.

Her olive skin makes Tami look tan year round. Because she is so richly tanned, she looks fabulous, no matter what she wears, even if that happens to be nothing at all. She is very hip to the Vegas scene and knows all the best restaurants and bars to see and be seen. She loves to use all of her senses as well as her large breasts to help make a man feel immense sensual pleasure for long periods of time. She is one of our most in demand escorts, so make sure you book her fast before she is gone.

She had been to Las Vegas on vacations as she was growing up and harbored a perverse fascination with the Sin City. It was only natural then that she gravitate toward its brightly lit casinos and the shows with the scantily clad women since she was not able to take in those sights when she was a minor.

Once Tami visited Las Vegas as an adult, she was hooked and has never left the city for any longer than a few holiday trips back home to see her family. Because of her extraordinarily beautiful looks, it was only natural that Tami find a job that allowed others to appreciate them. Being an escort has enabled Tami to have the satisfaction and attention that she craves while also giving the men of the area what they want.

Tami is one of our most popular escorts due to her careful attention to the details that each man presents when it comes time to schedule a visit with her. Men love touching and squeezing her firm and luscious body while she attends to their need for attention with her lips and fingers. One of our most experienced escorts, Tami is often enlisted to show the newer girls the ropes on how to best please a man.


Tami loves to embrace some of the finer things in life. She loves to add new experiences to her repertoire. For her, it is more about the experiential component of life. “We live only so long,” she says. “We all think that there’s always more time. But there isn’t. You’ve got to enjoy yourself now. You’ve got to live your dreams now. And that means that every chance you get to live it up, to enjoy something new, to experience something you haven’t before, is extremely important. It’s all an opportunity that is slipping away if you let it go by. Don’t do that to yourself. You don’t dare let anything pass you by. Just grab every chance you have. But that wasn’t the point I was trying to make when I started out. I wanted to make a point about fine dining, fine material things, and the stuff that rich people take for granted.”

“I don’t ever want to take the gift of my life for granted,” she goes on. “When you die, you won’t be able to take those material things with you, and just having fine stuff doesn’t necessarily make you happy. Just having money doesn’t make you happy either, but it sure does take the sting out of being poor. The point, though, is that if you experience the world on a high-quality setting, your life overall will be better off for it. I’m a firm believer in high quality in all things. If you’re going to do it, it has to be worthwhile. I hate to waste time and energy on things that aren’t worthy of my efforts. That really seems like common sense. And while you’re on this planet, in this life, you should indulge your senses. You should enjoy your body. Just be.”