With her sensible country values and fresh good looks, Whitney has the type of presence that instantly makes men take notice of her. New to the escort world, Whitney has fit right in here at Outcall Vegas and is considered to be a valuable member of our team. Since we strive to offer only the top escorts in the city, when Whitney applied to be part of our team, we eagerly got her started on the process to make it a reality.

A real country girl at heart, Whitney is a recent transplant to the sparkling city of Las Vegas. She is still getting to know the city and brings a zest for life and sense of pure fun and adventure to everything she does. Tall, slender and slim, Whitney is an aspiring model and won several small beauty pageants near the rural area that she was raised in. Classy and sassy, Whitney has a freshly scrubbed look that makes her look sweetly innocent. Don’t let that fool you though – she is a real freak in the bed and is not afraid to get down and dirty when the opportunity presents itself.

As adept at partying as she is at lazing around in your hotel bed snuggling up to, Whitney is prized for her expansive versatility. She is always a favorite of the men who hire her as an escort and she has many repeat customers. Men know what they like and they love what Whitney has to offer.

She loves to hone her considerable skills so that she can tease you and extend your pleasure for as long as possible before you reach the ultimate release. Whitney uses a variety of methods to get you there: massage of your most sensitive areas, nibbling and rubbing to name just a few. She does not want to give out all her secrets because she thinks it is better to be a bit mysterious for her clients.


Whitney loves adventure. She likes to take risks, and she likes to try new things. These qualities make her a lot of fun for any man who can handle her. “It’s true,” she says. “I can be a little ball of fire. But I think a lot of guys are only too happy to have that in their lives. People like to have adventure and excitement. They like to experience all the varieties the world can give them. That’s pretty nice, I think, but it’s also something that’s unique to every person.”

“You have to embrace every spontaneous possibility that comes to you in this life,” she explains. “You have to be ready to grab hold to things even when they are unusual and even when they are strange. You can’t tell what you’re going to face each day until it happens. You have to be able to grasp what the world is going to give you. Otherwise, how are you going to catch up to that opportunity? What is it you think you’re going to do? If you aren’t able to take up somebody on an offer fast, if you can’t be spontaneous, then you’ve got no hope at all of living an adventurous life. Adventure is by its nature spontaneous. It takes hard work and a willingness to take risks to embrace it all. To me, that’s what life is all about. It’s about spontaneity.”

Whitney knows that when she turns on her naughty side, people notice. “Every guy likes it when I turn on the charm,” she says. “And I can be very charming. Do you want to get to know me? Because I want to get to know you. I want to get close to you and really get down and just enjoy being with you.”