Last time, we were talking about the reasons that Vegas Outcall girls are better than Internet dating. We were talking, specifically, about the cost of Internet dating. You’ve probably been sold a bill of goods that Internet dating is free, or that it is at the very least a cost-effective alternative to say, hiring the time of a Vegas Outcall girl. But the fact is that Internet dating is anything but free and, really, isn’t cost-effective at all. This is because there are a lot of hidden costs involved (just like there are in the traditional dating process overall). It starts when it comes to buying a membership.

A lot of Internet dating sites advertise themselves as being free. This is only partly true. You can sign up for free, sure, but you can’t actually use the site’s features, or use all of the features, until you pay for a premium membership. On some of the hookup sites, you can’t answer all your messages from people until you pay for a membership, and some of the messages (if not all) that entice you to pay for that membership are not even real. They are spam messages or, worse, they are created by the site for the specific purpose of making you want to buy a membership.

A famous “affair” site, in fact, had a serious problem recently when hackers got in and stole the personal account data for millions of members. They released this data on the Internet after unsuccessfully trying to blackmail the site. That’s another great reason not to give an Internet dating site your personal information, incidentally, because you just never know when it might get released by a third party. There were even some suicides related to the release of that information, which was very sad. People’s lives were ruined, and over nothing, as it turned out, because while millions of men were looking for affairs on the site, very few of them were actually managing to have any there. Why is that, you may ask? It’s because the whole thing was a scam.

That’s right: It turns out there were almost no female members on the site. The ones who were there were fake accounts, or accounts created by staff members at the company to create the illusion that there were female members. The company was even using an algorithm that would “chat” with male members and flirt with them. That’s right: members were talking to a computer and thinking they were flirting with a woman they might be able to meet in the real world. All of this was done to keep them paying for memberships. Those memberships added up to serious money, in some cases, thousands of dollars over time. But if there were no women to meet on the site, of course the men would not keep paying to go there, so the site had a vested interest in fooling them into thinking there was some hope of female companionship.

Most of the Internet dating sites you encounter are not scams, but the problem of finding a woman on them is still very difficult and very real. Most Internet sites, as you know, have only unattractive women on them. The few attractive women on these sites (at least by comparison) are used to getting inundated with hundreds of messages a month, a week, or even a day from horny, lonely guys looking to meet someone. So they get very used to ignoring most of their messages, or replying only very selectively, or worse, brushing you off for even trying to talk to them. This means that when you use the site, you will spend a horrible amount of time just writing messages to these women trying to get them to respond. Even a brilliantly crafted message linked to a brilliantly written profile isn’t going to get noticed in this type of environment. It’s going to get lost in the noise. Do you think your message, from among hundreds, will be seen by the woman you want to try to talk to? It isn’t likely at all.

But there are some hidden costs to consider, too. One of the biggest investments you have to make into an Internet dating site is time. You log on, review your matches, compose messages, and repeat the process every day for weeks. If you are lucky enough to start talking to one of those ugly pigs, she’ll string you along for weeks with small talk and irrelevant details. Think of what you could be doing with all that time you are wasting on Internet dating sites. You could be enjoying that time doing almost anything else, even working, doing something productive. Instead you are wasting it talking to people who will never really make a connection with you, in terms of probability.

And let’s talk about that probability for a minute. When you invest all that time, you spend all those hours talking to these women, and finally, you arrange to date one, what happens then? You go out with them and maybe there is a spark, but much more likely, there won’t be. Then all that time you’ve spent is wasted. And when you date someone you don’t really know, it might as well be a blind date for everything you have been able to find out up to that point. The pictures this girl shares with the dating site might not even look like her, so you could be in for a surprise. You might even learn you have been ‘catfished’ and the person you are talking to isn’t a woman at all, or isn’t the person in the pictures, or her pictures are years out of date and she’s fat now, or whatever.

There are far too many risks and too few rewards with Internet dating. You should instead be booking the time of a beautiful Outcall Vegas girl. She won’t let you down, and she won’t put any strings on you. You can enjoy your time out with her. Call us today to arrange for a booking. You won’t be sorry.