Sheryl uses her extensive training as a massage therapist to provide you with the very best hands on experience. Sweet, sassy and very charming, Sheryl is one of our most popular escorts here at Outcall Vegas. When she first started her massage therapy training, little did Sheryl know the route her life would take. These days, she is able to effectively combines her first two loves: men and massage and provide an experience that is both unique and refreshing.

Blonde and busty are often the first things that guys notice about Sheryl. There is so much more to know about this young escort, though, that those things simply scratch the surface. An Army brat, Sheryl grew up all over the world. She enjoys taking techniques from different countries and adding them into her daily life. Sheryl is especially popular for the way she uses her hands. Many men swear that there is magic in her fingertips and she is proud of how she can make a man putty in her hands. As one of the most popular escorts in the entire city of Las Vegas, 26 year-old Sheryl’s reputation is well-earned and will not disappoint you.

Sheryl is able to do a full body assessment of the men who use her as an escort. This assessment requires a great deal of touching so that she can determine which areas you hold tension if you do not already know this information. She can also give you a general massage that is guaranteed to have you melting in a puddle of sweet satisfaction. You can either request a particular type of massage from Sheryl or you can let her expert fingers and eyes make that assessment for you so that you can have the best experience possible.

Growing up in a small city near Las Vegas, Sheryl knew pretty early on that she wanted to move here. When compared to her own city of birth, Las Vegas offers a whole range of opportunities that she just cannot find elsewhere in the state. While she does go back home to visit her family and childhood friends, Sheryl misses Las Vegas greatly while she is gone. For this reason, she limits her visits to every few years.


Sheryl loves the lifestyle of a Las Vegas escort. “A lot of girls think they’re up for it when they learn their job is to party every night, go out with new people, and have a good time,” she says. “There are a lot of people whose idea of the best vacation away from it all is doing that every night of the week for a week or two. Some of us even get to live that out when we take vacations. But a Las Vegas escort is a special girl. She’s got to be able to keep up one heck of a pace. She can’t ever let her looks fall down and she’s got to be as much fun for the first client as for the last client of the week. There’s no way she can take a break from having fun if her schedule demands it. You learn quick which girls can hack it and which can’t, in that setting. It’s a powerful lesson in what it means to have the right personality and energy levels for this job.”

Sheryl knows that if she applies herself, her sexy young body, and her friendly outlook will be the things that get her everything she wants in life. “Pretty girls have it pretty good,” she admits. “You can pretty much take what you want if you can look good, be sexy, and show men that you’re willing to be nice to them. Truly nice, friendly girls are pretty few and far between. So when you meet a girl like me, you had better hang onto her. I’m the full package, all right. I’m talented. I think most men recognize that and are more than happy to get in on that, to start enjoying that as much as possible, you know?”