About Us

Using a simple formula, Outcall Vegas set about becoming the best Las Vegas escort site in the city. We have done a remarkable job because we have a unique business model that puts you our client squarely in the forefront of every decision that is every made. Outcall Vegas was formed to fill a niche that was not being addressed in the escort service so that the discerning male could find the companion of his dreams.

We Start With Only the Best

At Outcall Vegas, we do not have just any women working for us. We hand pick each of our escorts and they must meet strict standards so that they can provide our customers with the best experience. Even though we have a constant stream of beautiful babes that seek us out so in an effort to find out how they can become Las Vegas escorts, in reality there are only a small fraction of applicants that meet our exacting standards.

In fact, of all the women that apply with us, most of them are not hired. Instead we tend to find most of them on our own. This is because we like to see our girls in their natural environment when it comes to determining if they are a good fit for our clients. Most of the girls we have working for us were ‘discovered’ pretty much on a random basis.
This is not to say that we do not hire any of the girls that apply with us. We have just had better results with the hotties that we find on our own. We have found that we can effectively judge their characters and personalities when we see them interacting in an informal manner without them being aware that we are watching them for any other reason than they happen to be in the same vicinity as we are.

Beauty is Not Overrated Here

You often hear how beauty is overrated but here at Outcall Vegas, we believe just the opposite is true. We place a very high premium on the beauty of our escorts. That being said, we feature an array of gorgeous babes in our business and that is so that we can have something for everyone. We know that men find different types of women that make them hard and drool. At Outcall Vegas, we place a high premium on the beauty of our escorts. If a girl does not pass the muster in the looks department, she is not going to be hired by us.

There is More to Our Escorts Than Beauty Though

Even though we do place a great deal on the attribute of beauty when it comes to a lady making the cut to become one of our escorts, it is not the only thing that we look for. In fact, every one of our escorts has the perfect package of attributes going on for her. In addition to beauty, we demand that our escorts have a specific type of personality and we screen for this trait as well.

Personality Plus

Our escorts are charming, classy, discreet, outgoing and fun. They love new adventures and constantly seek them out in an effort to broaden their horizons. Bubbly, vivacious and always ready for a good time, the ladies we choose to be our Outcall Vegas escorts embody the best of both worlds: looks and personality.

Being a Lover of Men is Required

In addition, there is one personality trait that all of our escorts must have and we make it a mandatory condition of being one of our escorts. Each of our escorts truly loves men. They love the way men look, smell and taste. In addition, our escorts go out of their way to provide men with the type of companionship that is often available to them only with a great deal of baggage.

The Girlfriend Experience Perfected

At Outcall Vegas, we have perfected a special formula that allows men to have the girlfriend experience that so many of them desire with none of the ill effects that often come with having a real girlfriend. How do we do this? We have studied this phenomenon and developed a blueprint for our ladies to follow that ensures that the girlfriend experience is delivered with none of the unwelcome side effects.

With the girlfriend experience done the Outcall Vegas way, our clients are able to access all of the wonderful benefits of a girlfriend: companionship, intimacy, flirting without having to be concerned about the negatives that are so often part of the girlfriend package.

The Advantages of Using Outcall Vegas Abound

You will not need to worry about a jealous woman calling you at all hours of the night wondering where you are, for example. You will not have to worry about following up your time together with an empty promise to call her soon either. Our escorts specialize in the ultimate girlfriend experience where you are able to get exactly what you need without any lasting effects.

Outcall Vegas is There for You

All you need to do is simply browse through our girls that are featured on our website and give us a call or shoot us an email when you see one that interests you. If you have any special requests such as hiring two girls or us finding a particular girl for you, do not hesitate to contact us. We strive to be instantly available to our clients all day and all night.

One of the ways we sought to make our company different was to offer customer service hours around the clock. Not only can our customer service team help you book some time with that escort that catches your eye, they can help answer any questions you might have about the process or help you choose the right girl for you.

Enjoy The Time Of Your Life With OutCallVegas.com!

The girls of OutCallVegas.com are a sexy group that have no equal in the area. Our girls absolutely live for new experiences. They adore the opportunity to meet new people, to get to know them, and to go out and have a good time with them. We spend a lot of time screening, grooming, and training our talent to make sure that every single thing about them is well suited to giving you the best escort experience possible. It isn’t enough for them to just go out with you and spend time with you. It isn’t enough for them to focus on you to the exclusion of all else. They’ve also got to enjoy themselves doing it. We want them to be fun, we want them to be engaging, we want them to be sexy, sophisticated, and stimulating, and we want them to be the kind of women you dream about when you’re alone at night. Our typical Vegas escort has the personality, the temperament, the imagination, and the stamina to be a good time to everyone. She’ll make sure your date goes well, she’ll help you build happy memories that will last a lifetime, and she’ll help you relax so that you can truly enjoy your time out.

Whether you are a first-timer in the escort game or you are an old hand at taking out our lovely girls, we will see to it that your experience is second to none. That is the pleasure that we get from doing our jobs well. Every OutCallVegas.com girl will make you the happiest man you have been in a long time. Each and every one of our girls, on our staff and in our extended network, is a professional entertainer who understands how to fulfill a man’s fantasies. She also understands how to treat him with the respect he deserves and give him the kind of experience that he will find memorable. All our girls are carefully selected for their abilities and their personalities. We want girls who naturally enjoy what they do.

We want our lovely young ladies to find their jobs as stimulating and enjoyable as you find spending time with them. Not every girl is cut out to be a Vegas escort, but those who are have proven to be valuable to our clients in a way that you will find makes a definite impression. One of things you can count on our girls to do is to always take you seriously, always show you respect, and always listen to you. Our girls will never laugh at you. They will never criticize you in any way. They will never share your secret desires or fantasies with anybody else, and we will always treat with the highest regard the sacred agreement that is your trust and faith in us as our client. Your desires are your right as a human being. Every single man and woman has his or her own desires and fantasy scenarios. Your Las Vegas escort is the means through which you will live out your desires and finally achieve all of your wildest dreams.

Have you been having fantasies your whole life? We bet you have… and we’re here to fulfill them. What dating scenarios do you have already all picked out in your head? We would like to hear about them. We imagine you know just how you want your beautiful young woman to look like. You have probably imagined her in a very specific kind of dress or outfit. You probably have opinions about her body shape and measurements, her hair and its styling, and everything else that embodies for you the type of sexy young woman that you want. Look at the beautiful women on our pages. You know that you would love to spend time with one or all of them. And of course spending time with our beautiful young women definitely has its benefits. You can step out on the town and be seen with them, certainly, but the added benefit of being with our young ladies is that you can spend time with them talking to them.

Have you ever experienced the full attention, the complete focus, of a truly sexy and beautiful young woman? When you date our girls, you can have them all to yourself, spending the time to talk with them, get comfortable with them, get to know who they are as people, and just generally bask in the warm glow of their company. This is something that you’ll find, probably to your surprise, is much better and much more fun than trying to meet a woman the old fashioned way. When you go out trying to meet women and trying to get their attention, chances are good that you’ll spend a lot of time being brushed off and rejected. A lot of women, especially in groups, take special delight in shooting down a man who is trying to get their attention.

This attitude seems unhelpful to us, but then, a lot of women don’t really seem to understand that the way they treat men is tailor made to ensure that they’ll die alone surrounded by cats one day in their old age. The fact is that most women behave like toddlers. Society has taught them that simply because they have vaginas and men want to be with them, they can demand free things, be treated like princesses, never pay for anything if they don’t want to, and never take responsibility for their actions. This never taking responsibility is a very big problem. Just listen to the radio sometime and really take a good long listen to the lyrics of the popular songs. There are songs all about women demanding that their future husbands always tell them that they are right, always give in to their demands, tolerate them when they are unreasonable and even crazy, and generally worship the ground they walk on, no matter how hostile, critical, or unpleasant the woman is.

Our society is, in fact, grooming an entire generation of young women to be arrogant, entitled, and hostile to men, while at the same time printing article after article in popular women’s magazines about the tips and tricks these women are expected to employ in order to snare a man of their own. It doesn’t make sense, but then, it doesn’t have to make sense. When was the last time you met a woman who made sense? And shouldn’t it worry you that you know exactly what we’re talking about when we say that?

There are other problems in the man-woman equation. In society today, men are supposed to be viewed as monsters who can always be expected to treat women poorly. Maybe you’ve seen the video where an angry young woman, who was still reasonably attractive, walked around a big city without talking to any of the men who chatted her up. As would be expected, the men who spoke to her and were rudely ignored sometimes reacted rudely in return. The video was circulated as evidence of the “street harassment” that women face when they are walking around… and never you mind that an attractive woman should expect to be chatted up by healthy young men who see her and try to see if they can score a date with her. The very idea that an attractive woman would be offended that men find her attractive and try to talk to her is offensive in and of itself. After all, an entire industry exists to sell women on the idea that they need to be more attractive… and where has it gotten them?

The prettiest women pose for makeup and skin care commercials, showing off glowing skin, blindingly white teeth, and lustrous hair that can’t possibly look like real hair looks at the end of a day. And women lap all this up, convinced that if they just buy the right products, eat the right gluten-free food, or otherwise hop onto any of a million popular culture fads, they’ll be attractive enough to lure a mate. They are all convinced they are not good enough and it shows in their behavior. And some attractive women become arrogant because of it. Some women love to put down men who they believe aren’t worthy. Is that man too short? He’s pathetic. Oh, is that man overweight? He’s a slob who doesn’t deserve to be with a woman who can obviously do better. Is that man poor? Well, too bad; no woman wants a man who can’t pay for everything and keep her in the fashion to which she has become accustomed.

Dating the old fashioned way only brings you this type of woman. They are not a good date. They are angry, they expect to be given everything, and they give almost nothing in return. If they do give you anything to show for all your time and effort, they expect this to be license to control you for as long as they decide you are worth it. When they are done with you, they will discard you without a second thought, and at the least opportune time. Don’t settle for failed methods of dating. You want the lovely ladies of OutCallVegas.com.

Nothing is more important to us than making sure you get your fantasies fulfilled and that you get the respect that you deserve. Your fantasies, your secret desires, and everything you prefer… these are all your specific domain. We will never judge you for feeling the way you do and we will never do anything to violate the trust between us. You are our client and we value you above all else. Our girls are experienced and skilled, yes, but they are also very friendly, and earnestly so. They live to please you and they love to meet new people. Your Vegas escort is a skilled professional entertainer who loves to listen to you and be kind to you. She can be encouraging and she can be kind. She will be happy to talk with you about whatever subject your heart desires. If you are new to the escort game, she will walk you through every aspect of the process and make sure you know what you are getting into. Your Vegas escort will put your needs first and show you the respect that you so honestly deserve.

Get The Respect You’ve Been Denied!

It’s a sad fact that many men have never really felt the kind of incredible respect that our OutCallVegas.com girls have to offer them. Honestly, many of our clients really have no idea what to do with themselves when they find themselves alone in a room with a beautiful woman who is ready and capable to focus on him for the duration of the booking. Most men have been told for their entire lives that everything they want is somehow wrong or bad. They are told to suppress their feelings and that they shouldn’t give vent to them to avoid showing weakness. They have also be told that if they want to be regarded as “real men,” they have to sacrifice their own desires and needs and wants, instead giving to others and always putting themselves last. This means that someone else is always happy at the man’s expense, and he is always made to feel pushed around. They’ve been conditioned to believe they are selfish if they go after something they want for themselves, if they indulge their desires, or if they put themselves first on one of those rare occasions when this actually happens. But at OutCallVegas.com, you can indulge yourself in a judgment-free environment where you are treated like a king.

It’s time that you got what every man wants. It’s time that you spent time with a young, taut, tight, sexy girl. It’s time you called OutCallVegas.com. We’re everything you need us to be, and we’re waiting to serve you. Contact OutCallVegas.com right away!

A Business Built On Client Service and Confidentiality

OutCallVegas is a business built on honesty, integrity, and above all, a devotion to client confidentiality. Your privacy is very important to us. That’s because we know there are any number of reasons you might not someone to know that you hired a Las Vegas escort. Not everyone is as understanding as we might like them to be. Your friends, your family, your employer… none of them might quite grasp just why it is that a man has given up the old-fashioned dating scene in order to take his romantic life back into his hands on his terms. There will always be people who are ready and willing to judge you for booking a Las Vegas escort, and there’s no need to invite that kind of stress into your life. After all, if you are worried about having your privacy violated, you cannot relax, and if you cannot relax, you cannot truly enjoy your Las Vegas escort booking, now can you? The fact is, though, you don’t have to worry about that when you book with us. We protect your privacy and confidentiality from the first moment you contact us, specifically because we want you to be safe and we want you to be able to enjoy yourself.

It all starts with the fact that we store no data on you or your stay with us. We keep only those billing records that are necessary for tax and legal compliance. If we aren’t compiling a database on our clients, then there is no concern about that data being compromised by some hacker in the future, is there? You might be thinking that this is not a real concern. But it absolutely is. Take, for example, the case of a very famous “affair” website that purported to be selling special membership packages that, among things, could erase all of the user’s data from the site. As it turned out, the website wasn’t providing this service at all; it was simply claiming it did. When hackers discovered the client data in the website, they tried to blackmail the site owners by threatening to release that data. When the site owners refused to be blackmailed, the hackers released the gigabytes worth of client data. Several famous people were caught in the ensuing revelations of infidelity… or attempted infidelity. There were even a couple of suicides tentatively linked to the fact that this data was spilled on the Internet.

Here’s the thing, though. The men who signed up for the “affair” website were being duped all along, and this, too, came out during the news investigations of the hacker data dump. It seems that the site had almost no female members at all. In order to keep up the illusion that the male members were actually somehow possibly going to have an affair, they had to be made to believe that there were female members of the site for them to have affairs with. So how did the site owners handle this complete lack of female membership? They made up fake female members! There were a few accounts apparently being run by female employees of the site, but for the most part, there simply were no legitimate female members. The rest of the load was taken up by chat robots — programs written to simulate conversation with women. Apparently the programs were sophisticated enough that most of the male members of the site had no idea they were chatting with an emulator, a device designed to mimic human conversation, rather than a real person.

The goal of all this trickery was, of course, to keep the male members paying membership fees. An affair site, like most Internet dating sites, is not free at all… not if the owners actually want to turn a profit. They charge for memberships, they charge for premium level memberships, and they charge for access to things like your messages. So what the owners of the site did, in addition to creating the chat robot programs, was make fake messages from equally made up girls to keep male members believing they might one day meet a woman and be able to initiate the affair they were looking for. If you think about it, it was the perfect crime, because none of the other male members were actually trading notes to see if they were finding women to have affairs with. Each guy who wasn’t having any success actually meeting someone assumed he was the only one, probably. And so things went along like that until the hackers did their work, many people’s lives were ruined, and the disaster that is Internet dating was uncovered for the world to see.

We don’t store any data on you, so there’s no danger of that ever happening. The most secure way to protect data is not to store that data in the first place. By refusing to collect it, we keep your privacy completely secure. That’s just the beginning of our privacy procedures, however. When you first contact us, our staff keeps you and your information completely confidential at all times. They will never discuss the fact that you booked one of our Las Vegas escorts with anyone outside the company. That means that no one will ever know about it unless you choose to tell them. Our protections of your privacy don’t stop there, however. We also make sure to train all our escorts so that they understand they must never discuss their bookings with any third party. You never have to worry that your Vegas escort will have anything to say to anyone about the fact that you booked time with her. She simply won’t do it. And she will not discuss the fact that you booked her time with any of her fellow Las Vegas escorts, either. At OutCallVegas.com, we do not like gossip. We promise that no one will ever reveal to anyone, even by accident, that you booked with us.

Vegas Escorts Screened and Vetted for Your Safety and Enjoyment

It’s true that you have many options to seek a beautiful woman who is willing to accept a fee to spend time with you. That’s the fundamental business model of all escort services, and as long as they have attractive women on staff, they are able to stay in business, more or less. But what makes the difference between a single escort plying her trade, or a fly-by-night escorting service doing a mediocre job but keeping its doors open… and a truly superior escort service that pleases its clients and rises above the rest? The difference is that we screen and vet our talent. Every beautiful woman is potentially someone you would like to spend time with… but not every beautiful woman is worth paying to spend time with. It takes more than just a pretty face to be a beautiful OutCallVegas.com girl. It takes stamina. It takes energy. It takes imagination. In order to hold up under the all day, all night party lifestyle that is being a professional escort, getting paid to go out and have fun every night of the week, a girl has to have a certain kind of constitution. If she folds under pressure, if she has so much fun that she’s worn down and turned out, if she seems like she’s phoning it in, she isn’t going to be a suitable female companion for our paying clients.

Our clients deserve a woman who is as fresh and exciting on the first day of the week as she is on the last. She can’t be worn out and run down. She can’t be merely pretending to have fun. Discerning clients can tell if their companions are not actually having fun, and are just instead going through the motions. Is there any worse feeling in the world than the feeling that the woman who is with you is merely going through the motions and is not, in fact, having a good time? Personally, we can’t think of a worse sensation than that, so we demand that our Vegas escorts be capable of having an honest, genuine good time. We want them to enjoy what they do. After all, it’s the key to running a successful business. The more fun our young ladies have, the more fun our clients will have. The more fun our clients will have, the more they will want to come back and see us again. And the more they want to come back and see us again, the more business we will develop. It’s all a very simple plan for building lasting business relationships and repeat business, really. It’s as simple as that. We screen our escorts to make sure they have the energy and stamina to do this job and to keep doing this job. Anyone who can’t hold up to the demanding scheduling needs of a Vegas escort is quickly shown the door.

Second, we put all our young women through background checks. This ensures that there’s nothing lurking in their pasts that might disqualify them from the work of a Vegas escort because, quite frankly, we don’t need the drama in our lives. Dating a woman through the traditional dating process brings with it ample drama as it is. We see no reason to contribute more drama to that process. So we run all our young ladies through background checks and check them out thoroughly to guarantee that you are getting a high quality lady. Then we interview them to see what they are like, to evaluate their personalities. The interview quotes on our biography pages are frequently taken from these informal interviews, where we get to know the girls, find out what makes them tick, and generally climb inside their heads to make sure that whatever’s going on in there is going to be okay for our clients. We work with them to make sure that everything we expect of them is very clear. After all, we are not looking to trick anyone. We explain to our Las Vegas escorts, and prospects to become escorts, what their duties will be, what will be expected of them, how important client satisfaction is, and the methods through which we hold them accountable. But don’t think that things around here are always so incredible serious. We get that out of the way early, and then make it clear to our girls that above all else, they will be expected to have a good time. After all, that’s the business we’re in. We’re in the business of manufacturing fun and giving men happy memories.

All men desire the company of beautiful woman. We start out with these screening procedures to weed out any women who don’t have the right temperament for the trade, as the old saying goes. We don’t want anyone who doesn’t know how to be friendly and personable. We only want women who genuinely enjoy going out and meeting new people. We want women who will find what we are asking of them enjoyable. After all, a Vegas escort who didn’t like going out on the town and who was miserable doing so could hardly be expected to show a man a good time when that was what he wanted, would she? That’s because a thing cannot transcend its nature, and people aren’t going to enjoy something that they really dislike just because it’s their job and there’s a paycheck involved. Our Las Vegas escorts are in fact incredibly grateful to be able to make having fun their full time employment. And that’s probably a misuse of the term “full time,” because our lovely young escorts are in such high demand that they are able to make a living while still having plenty of free time in their schedules. In fact, it is the freedom that being a Las Vegas escort affords them that attracts many of our beautiful young women to try out the escort trade for themselves.

So Much Better Than Internet Dating

You already know that dating Las Vegas escorts is better than traditional dating. But you may not realize that the suggested alternative, Internet dating, isn’t any better. For years, Internet dating has been sold to you as a way of matching you with your soulmate based on some arbitrary criteria. The way the commercials make it sound, you just have to sign up for one of these sites, answer a whole bunch of really personal questions about yourself, and then like magic, you’ll get matched up to people with whom you can make this wonderful connection. You and your soulmate will walk off into the sunset, and everything will be great. In practice, this seldom works this way. The problem with the whole concept of Internet dating is that it’s based on a false foundation. It’s basically a lie that has been repeated enough to sound like the truth.

You’ve probably heard the phrase that opposites attract. Whether they do or they don’t, there’s no real guarantee that because somebody is a lot like you, they’ll get along with you, be compatible with you, and make a good life partner… is there? There’s just as good a chance that you might make a good connection with somebody who isn’t like you at all, somebody whose lacks are complemented by your strengths and vice versa. So what is this idea that just because someone answers a bunch of lame personality questions the same way you do, that they’ll somehow be the right person for you? It’s fundamentally an incorrect premise and a lot of people have bought into it because it gets advertised so much. The other problem with all this is that in order to get matched up to someone on these sites, you’ve got to fork over an awful lot of personal information about yourself. This is no small thing, because people these days tend not to think about all the information about themselves that they are posting to the Internet. And even if that information doesn’t find its way into the wrong hands, do you really need or want to have all that stuff about you floating around the Internet for anybody to find?

If you are ever unlucky enough to pick up a stalker or an angry ex, where do you think is one of the best places for them to stalk you online? It’s your online dating profile. But let’s say, for the sake of argument, that there was at least some hope that you might meet someone buy doing Internet dating. Well, I don’t know if you’ve signed up for an Internet dating site recently (chances are good that you have), but really stop and look at the site sometime. Look at the suggestions for matches that you are getting. Can you really see yourself spending your life with most of these people? The majority of them are incredibly ugly. It’s depressing to log into your online dating account and discover that you’re getting matched up to loser after loser who looks like a fat pig. But that’s the pickings on Internet dating sites. This is because Internet dating sites are the last refuge of unattractive women. There are lots of guys on Internet dating sites, because it’s often not easy to find a woman to date when you are a single man (or a married man looking for something on the side to supplement an unsatisfactory sex life). But women can always find someone to date them.

Even an unattractive and unpleasant woman simply has to lower her standards to find a guy. There is always some horny, desperate guy who is willing to go out with, or sleep with, an ugly woman as long as she’s willing and cooperative, right? So who are these women who end up on Internet dating sites? Often, they are the worst of the worst, and they are completely undesirable. Are you so desperate for female companionship that you’re willing to start sending messages to ugly strangers in the hopes that maybe they’ll take pity on you and give you the time of day? That’s another problem with the Internet dating environment, and that is that when you send messages to these ugly women, they act like they are entitled to your attention. Worse, they will reject you in messages or simply ignore you. They have been sold an illusion by the dating site that they have something to offer, so they act like they have the luxury of picking and choosing. The reality is that in the real world, there is nobody who wants them, so frankly, they should be happy with what they get… but because of the site and the illusion it sells them, they don’t realize this. So the Internet dating site selection process is itself designed to frustrate you and make you unhappy. Instead of resulting in you being happy and finding someone to spend romantic time with, it will result in you being frustrated and angry, and in you being rejected time and again by people who, if you approached them in a bar, would probably be grateful for your attention.

Internet dating sites can cost you a lot of money, too. You may think of Internet dating as a low-cost alternative, a way to find someone when you can’t afford an escort and don’t have the money to attract a woman on your own. Women are always attractive to wealth and, no matter how unappealing you may be, you can become attractive to most women the second you have money. They’ll overlook a lot when it comes to gaining access to that kind of financial security. That’s why so many rich guys have sexy ladies on their arms. They have the magical attractant that all women want, and that all women spend their entire lives pursuing, and that is money. If you think this isn’t true, you are fooling yourself.) So men turn to Internet dating in the hopes of finally being selected on their merits rather than on the quantity in their bank accounts.

Is Internet dating better than booking a Las Vegas escort? Does it even work the way it says it does? Vegas Outcall girls are better than Internet dating for many very valid reasons. These include, as we’ve discussed, the cost of dating on the Internet, because Internet dating is not nearly as free as you’ve been told it is. The reality is that Internet dating is anything but free and, really, isn’t cost-effective at all. This is because there are a lot of hidden costs involved (just like there are in the traditional dating process overall). It starts when it comes to buying a membership. A lot of Internet dating sites advertise themselves as being free. This is only partly true. You can sign up for free, sure, but you can’t actually use the site’s features, or use all of the features, until you pay for a premium membership. On some of the hookup sites, you can’t answer all your messages from people until you pay for a membership, and some of the messages that entice you to pay for that membership are not even real. They are spam messages or, worse, they are created by the site for the specific purpose of making you want to buy a membership. We talk about this elsewhere on the site, in fact.

The problem of finding a woman on an Internet dating site is a real one just as it is in real life dating. Most Internet sites have only unattractive women on them. The few attractive women on these sites (at least by comparison) are used to getting inundated with hundreds of messages a month, a week, or even a day from horny, lonely guys looking to meet someone. So they get very used to ignoring most of their messages, or replying only very selectively, or worse, brushing you off for even trying to talk to them. This means that when you use the site, you will spend a horrible amount of time just writing messages to these women trying to get them to respond. Even a brilliantly crafted message linked to a brilliantly written profile isn’t going to get noticed in this type of environment. It’s going to get lost in the noise. Do you think your message, from among hundreds, will be seen by the woman you want to try to talk to? It isn’t likely at all. But there are some hidden costs to consider, too. One of the biggest investments you have to make into an Internet dating site is time. You log on, review your matches, compose messages, and repeat the process every day for weeks. If you are lucky enough to start talking to one of those ugly pigs, she’ll string you along for weeks with small talk and irrelevant details. Think of what you could be doing with all that time you are wasting on Internet dating sites. You could be enjoying that time doing almost anything else, even working, doing something productive. Instead you are wasting it talking to people who will never really make a connection with you, in terms of probability.

When you invest all that time, you waste all those hours talking to these women, and finally, you arrange to date one, what happens then? You go out with them and maybe there is a spark, but much more likely, there won’t be. Then all that time you’ve spent is wasted. And when you date someone you don’t really know, it might as well be a blind date for everything you have been able to find out up to that point. The pictures this girl shares with the dating site might not even look like her, so you could be in for a surprise. She might not even really be a woman at all. Even famous people and other celebrities have fallen for Internet scams in which they thought they were talking to a woman and they were instead talking to a man impersonating a woman.

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