Another pair of our beautiful Outcall Vegas girls are Darla and Evangeline. We think should you book Darla or Evangeline… or both of them… today. Nothing could be better than time with an Outcall Vegas escort. Our girls are professional entertainers who will give you one hundred percent of their time and focus. Most men have never experienced what it is like to get this kind of respect and attention. Our girls genuinely love what they do and, far from just going through the motions, when they are out with you they are enjoying themselves immensely. They are all friendly party girls who really enjoy going out and meeting new people. Every day is an adventure for them, and they know how lucky they are to be able to live and breathe this party lifestyle.


Take, for example, Darla. Darla is not just one of our most beautiful escorts. She is also a dreamer and a doer, an innovative young woman who has a dream to one day open a massage parlor and drink establishment that does wonders for her clients’ outlooks on multiple dimensions. She figures that if you could spend your evening with a hot young lady serving you cocktails and then massaging your troubles away, why, you would be nuts not to take up that offer. At least, that’s what she thinks, and while her high-concept project hasn’t yet left the drawing board, she spends a lot of time thinking about how to make it a reality.

“You could still take part in this incredible idea if you want to,” she says. “I’m still just thinking about it. But we could get together and make it happen, you know. If you’ve got a minibar in your hotel room, or if the hotel itself has a bar, we could get up to some mischief, especially if it’s in the room itself where I can show off my stuff. I know that a lot of guys are a little bit nervous when it comes to taking out an escort for the first time. I will gladly help relax you, serve you drinks, give you a very sensual massage, and put you at ease. That’s what I do and I am very proud of how well I do it. This is a great job and I enjoy doing it immensely.”

Darla goes on, “Ever since I turned of age I have been enjoying my ability to go out and hit all the trendy bars and nightclubs all over this incredible city. This means I can practice my bartending skills on all the lucky guys who choose me from among our other escorts to take them out and have fun with them. I mean, I’m already very skilled and experienced in the art of giving full body massages. But I’m also eager to hone my skills on any guy who really enjoys the touch of a beautiful woman. I like to combine my love of bartending with my love of massage the way I like to mix business with pleasure. I am a smart, sophisticated girl who will make you look great when we are seen together. If you call me today, I will give you teh time of your life. And I promise I will enjoy myself, too.”

Darla is a gorgeous college coed. She’s hoping that her education — she’s majoring in business — will give her the edge to combine her skills as an escort with her skills as a professional entertainer. She loves to pick up new tricks and tips and is always learning something new when she goes out. That’s one of the reasons that she finds escorting so fulfilling.

“You’re always learning something new at this job,” she says. “It’s very fulfilling. I am the perfect escort for you if you have always wanted to spend some time in the company of a beautiful, vivacious blond. You should hire me if you want someone who knows how to be flirty and fun, and who knows how to be charming, and who is never afraid to use what she’s got to give you the time of your life. I really would love to work with some of my fellow escorts, too. I love the idea of giving you that kind of experience, having two girls with you at the same time. So many men have always wanted that, and I’m eager to provide that. It’s a lot of fun and it brings me closer to my coworkers.  Call me today!


Evangeline is a stunningly beautiful woman. She hails from beyond our shores and loves to show off her body. She will give you a night that is unforgettable, and her whole purpose in life is to bring you the utmost pleasure possible. She is also very fond of dressing up in different skimpy outfits. Lingerie is something she is very comfortable in, and she loves to tease and please while indulging the side of her that loves to get close to people. She is one of the best escorts on our staff for a reason. She is gorgeous, she is sophisticated, and she knows how to come across as both classy and fun while also being desirable and sensual.

Evangeline has exotic features, dark eyes, and a beautiful body that has been the downfall of more than one unsuspecting man. She is not a girl who lets her inhibitions stop her. Her hair is gloriously dark and she is a remarkably voluptuous, healthy young lady who knows how to have a good time. She will go to any lengths to please her clients.

Evangline has always wanted to be part of the Vegas landscape. From the time she was young, she wanted to be in the thick of things. She is the quintessential entertainer and she loves to indulge her adventurous side. She is a dreamer who has taken a lot of time to hone her body, keep herself flexible, and stay sleek and supple. She is also very good at getting into different naughty positions and loves to show off her ability to contort herself in unusual ways. She’s one of those girls who is down for anything, so give her a call today.