Have you ever stopped to think just how much time and energy that the old-fashioned way of dating sucks up? Seriously, if you’re not hiring Vegas escorts, you’re probably doing things by one of the old-fashioned models. You’re going out to bars and clubs trying to meet people slowly, one at a time. Maybe you’re going to those dreadful singles mixers or even to speed dating sessions. You may have tried blind dates, getting set up by friends, or any of several other ways of “meeting cute.” You may even have tried hooking up on Craigslist. Maybe you’ve gone the full blown Internet dating route, or maybe you’ve even tried the hookup apps. You put the app on your phone, you see who’s nearby, and you hook up for a date or something even more intimate. Well, what do all these dating methods have in common? They have in common the fact that they’re just not that helpful when it comes to your romantic life as a man. They perpetuate age-old issues that have always diminished the romantic lives of the men who attempt to engage in dating using those methods. The fact is, society has always been hostile to the well-being of men, and has always favored women when it comes to romance. This puts them in the driver’s seat, and they know it.

If this is what you want out of life, well, you’re certainly free to put yourself through all that. But what if there was a better way? We’re here to tell you that there is. The old way is a grind. You go out to clubs and bars, you hang around, you listen to music you’d really rather not be listening to, and you strike up conversations with people you’d rather not. You spend a huge amount of time in a place like that, in fact, because it’s a numbers game. The longer you hang around, the greater your chances of actually striking up a conversation with somebody worth talking to. But really, it’s a drag. Wouldn’t you rather be doing something else? Wouldn’t you rather be doing almost anything else, in fact? But no, you’re stuck there, trying desperately to get the attention of the women in the place. And because bars and clubs are notorious for being places that people get picked up, there is a lot of competition in joints like that. So you’re not just trying to get attention from women, but you’re also fighting for that attention with all the other dudes in the place. That’s not a formula for success, and it’s not really a formula for an enjoyable evening… is it?

When you finally do get a woman’s attention, that’s when money starts falling out of your wallet. You have to go through any number of ridiculous headaches to keep her attention. You probably paid a good deal of money in cover charge to get into the better clubs, or it adds up over successive nights even if doesn’t seem like that much at one time. And you will spend even more money when it comes time to pour drinks down that girl’s face in order to keep her attention, because the average woman goes to a club expecting to get all of her drinks for free from horny guys hoping to hook up with her or at least hit on her. So you’ve got that to deal with, and it’s not exactly a productive way to spend your money. But that is just the start of a terrible process that you won’t enjoy any part of. Looking back on it, honestly, it’s a wonder that anybody actually claims to enjoy dating. There is so much nonsense to dig through that it’s ridiculous when you look at it objectively.

So you actually manage to get a girl’s attention. Now you’re on the longest, most annoying audition of your life. We say “audition” because it’s exactly like that. It’s basically a job interview, and the interview you’re dealing with is for the position of “boyfriend” or, depending on where her head is at, maybe even “husband.” So you now have to watch your every step. At any point, she could get tired of you and just kind of walk away. That’s the thing about women and dating. If they get bored, if they see something shiny, if they have any reason at all to just walk away from you, they’ll do it. That will mean you’re out all the time and money you’ve already spent. And you could spend a fortune on dinners, dates, entertainment, and other things just trying to seal the deal with a young woman. All the while, you never have any real idea where her head is at. You have no way of knowing what her intentions are. Will she? Won’t she? Will she get tired of you? Is she seeing other people? Would you even make a good match with her? There is no way to tell.

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