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Karley is a classy and elegant young woman who actually has a classical education from a private Nevada school. Have you ever dreamed of dating the Homecoming queen? Well, Karley was that girl, and you can take part in her incredible beauty just by booking her time. Karley’s marvelous good looks weren’t the only reason she was chosen as Homecoming Queen, however. She is someone who proves that beauty is not just skin deep. She’s incredibly friendly and engaging, and she loves to meet new people and talk to them to get to know them. She has a really broad field of interests and we think you’ll find that she’s a complicated but interesting young woman who has a great deal to offer. This is yet another reason she is so popular among our girls.

Karley was an aspiring model when she left high school, but after experiencing the grind of the workaday world of a model, she decided it was not for her. She is someone who definitely values her freedom and doesn’t like to be tied down. While she loves to try on all kinds of great fashions and she was happy to be treated like a princess when working the runway, Karley decided that the world of professional modeling did not afford her enough opportunities to spend time with new and interesting men, so she left it behind. And Karley is definitely a woman who gets male attention.  It’s true that all men love the company of a beautiful woman, and where Karley is concerned, she draws them to her like a moth to flame.

One of Karley’s skills is that she can make any man who books her time feel really special. She loves to be the sort of arm candy that gets a man noticed, and her body is stunning enough that you can’t go anywhere with Karley and not get the attention of people who see you. Imagine what will be going through people’s minds when they see you with Karley on your arm.  She is absolutely unforgettable and she loves to have a good time… but more importantly, she can give you a good time that you will never forget. Karley believes strongly in building memories. She likes it when the men she dates go home happy, and she loves knowing that she has given them memories that they will cherish always.

Another of our incredible girls is Candy. Candy has incredible patience, which gives her a great deal of skill as an escort. She knows how to help  a man relax, open up, and share with her his hopes, aspirations, and expectations. When a man is nervous, Candy knows just how to calm him down. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy Candy’s company, knowing you are in good hands no matter what.

Candy is bisexual and loves to share the fantasy aspects of her love of beautiful women with the men she dates. She is all incredible curves, and she has a flair for adventure. She loves to please a man and she is no stranger to using her body to get what she wants. She is especially fond of first-timers — men who have never hired an escort before. This is because she loves the thrill of initiating a man into the incredible world of Las Vegas escorts, including all the fun and excitement you can have that you’ve never had before.

Candy is from the Las Vegas area but hails from a small town originally. She remarks that she’s come a long way from hanging out in the mall and wasting time with her friends. She’s still a very social creature, however, and has an extensive network of people whose company she enjoys.

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